Cardiovascular system (heart, vessels, etc.) list

Registry number:1001
Diagnosis:Endocarditis verrucosa traumatica, traumatic vegetative endocarditis
Material:Pr. 277, cattle, Japanese, female, 4 years old, Morioka Higashi Nakano, pulmonary gangrene, endocarditis.
Date:Morioka, July, 14, 1960, Kan-ichi Ohshima

Registry number:1002
Diagnosis:Retikulosarkomatose, bovine leukemia, bovine leukosis (see 6006 )
Material:Pr. 391, cattle, Japanese, female, Iwate Prefecture, Shimohei Yamagata, metastasis in stomach, intestine, genital organs, heart, and lymph nodes
Date:Morioka Slaughter House, September, 21, 1962, Sadao Miura

Registry number:1003
Diagnosis:Kalkablagerung der aorta
Material:Pr. 428, cattle, Holstein, female, 14 months old, Iwate Prefecture, Iwate, Shizukuishi,cirrhosis( see 4006 )
Date:Morioka, June, 27, 1963.

Registry number:1004
Diagnosis:Zotten Herz
Material:Pr. 604, cattle, Holstein, female, 3 years old, white and black, Iwate, Tamayama
Date:Morioka, April, 28, 1967

Registry number:1005
Diagnosis:bovine leukemia (reticulosarcomatosis), bovine leukosis
Material:Pr. 496, cattle, Holstein mixed, female, 3 years old, Iwate Prefecture, Matsuo, heart
Date:Iwate University, May, 4, 1965

Registry number:1006
Diagnosis:bovine leukemia (reticulosarcomatosis)
Material:E.906, cattle, Holstein, female, 12 years old, Morioka, heart
Date:Morioka Slaughter House, April, 17, 1963

Registry number:1007
Diagnosis:serofibrinous pericarditis
Date:August, 25, 1937, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1008
Diagnosis:traumatic pericarditis
Date:May, 9, 1932, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1009
Diagnosis:bovine leukemia, heart
Material:Pr. 971, cattle, Holstein, female, 5 years old, Matsuo
Date:Morioka, February, 1, 1974

Registry number:1010
Diagnosis:bovine leukemia(reticulosarcomatosis), heart
Material:E.1047, cattle, Holstein, female, 6 years old
Date:Tohoku Institute of Animal Health, June, 13, 1950

Registry number:1011
Diagnosis:bovine leukosis
Material:Pr. 1541, cattle, Japanese Black , female, 6 years old, Karumae-chyo
Date:February, 4, 1982, Kan-ichi Ohshima

Registry number:1012
Diagnosis:bovine leukosis
Material:Pr. 1480, cattle, Japanese Shorthorn, female, 11 year old, Tamayama, tumor cell embolism in internal iliac vein
Date:June, 17, 1981, Kan-ichi Ohshima

Registry number:1013
Diagnosis:bovine leukosis, heart
Material:Pr. 1431, cattle, Holstein, female, 4 years old, Miyamori
Date:December, 24, 1980, Kan-ichi Ohshima

Registry number:1014
Diagnosis:bovine leukosis, Neoplasm at jugular vein
Material:Pr. 1534, cattle, Japanese Black , female, 2 years old, Sawauchi
Date:January, 8, 1982 , Kan-ichi Ohshima

Registry number:1015
Diagnosis:caudal vena caval thrombosis (CVCT)
Material:Pr. 1637, cattle, Holstein, female, 3 years old, Koiwai Farm
Date:July, 4, 1983, Kan-ichi Ohshima

Registry number:1016
Diagnosis:rupture of the aorta
Material:Pr. 1553, horse, Anglo Arab, male, 8 years old, Morioka
Date:April, 12, 1982, Kan-ichi Ohshima

Registry number:1017
Diagnosis:Myocard fibrosis
Material:E.2705, cattle, Japanese Black , male, Akita Prefecture
Date:November, 17, 1983, Tomoya Miyakoshi

Registry number:1018
Diagnosis:lymphosarsoma, poorly differentiated, pig lymphosarsoma, spleen, mesenteric lymph nodes, jejunum
Material:E.2770, pig, LH, female, 6 months old, Yamagata Prefecture, Takashima
Date:Yonezawa Slaughter House, May, 31, 1984, Yoshikazu Suzuki

Registry number:1019
Diagnosis:traumatic pericarditis heart
Material:Pr. 1936, cattle, Japanese Black , female, 6 years old, Nishi-iwai gun Hiraizumi
Date:June, 30, 1987

Registry number:1020
Diagnosis:Endocarditis valvularis verrucosa, heart
Material:E.2943, goat, Japanese Shiba, male, 1.5 years old, Faculty of Agriculture, Iwate University, Department of Animal Reproduction
Date:May, 6, 1986, Shigetou Kanematsu

Registry number:1021
Diagnosis:Verrucous endocarditis (same as 6027)
Material:Pr. 1994, cattle, Holstein, female, 11 year old, Koiwai Farm
Date:June, 16, 1988, Kosuke Okada

Registry number:1022

Registry number:1023
Diagnosis:Filaria immitis
Material:dog, heart

Registry number:1024
Diagnosis:Endocarditis valvularis
Material:dog aorta, semilunar valve

Registry number:1025
Diagnosis:degeneration of heart, equine infectious anemia
Material:Pr. 85, horse

Registry number:1026
Diagnosis:cardiac sarcoma

Registry number:1027
Diagnosis:pericardium adhesion, local epicarditis

Registry number:1028
Diagnosis:Retikulosarcomotose (endocardium sub-epicardium), bovine leukemia, bovine leukosis
Material:Pr. 61, cattle, Ayrshire, female, Kokubu Farm
Date:June, 22, 1954, Sadao Miura

Registry number:1029
Diagnosis:traumatic pericarditis
Material:Pr. 114, cattle, Jersey, female, heart
Date:January, 28, 1956, Sadao Miura

Registry number:1030
Diagnosis:cattle traumatic pericarditis
Date:Morioka Slaughter House, 1958, Sadao Miura

Registry number:1031
Diagnosis:Dirofilaria immitis
Date: February, 1960 , Shigeru Numakunai

Registry number:1032
Diagnosis:foreign substance in pericardium, A piece of wire
Date:February, 19, 1965, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1033
Diagnosis:old tumor in left heart

Registry number:1034
Diagnosis:tetanus of horse
Material:Pr. 822, 1. heart, tiger heart 2. fatty, degeneration of liver 3. nephritis 4. spleen
Date:November, 19, 1931, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1035
Diagnosis:Epicardium lymphangiectasia
Material:Pr. 1033, horse, chestnut color, male, 1 year old
Date:December, 10, 1936, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1036
Diagnosis:traumatic bleeding of pericardium, Needle in right heart wall
Material:Pr. 1035, cattle
Date:December, 15, 1936, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1037
Material:raccoon dog, Niigata Prefecture
Date:May, 23, 1937, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1038
Diagnosis:traumatic pericarditis
Date:Slaughter House, May, 18, 1938, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1039
Diagnosis:endocarditis, thrombus, adenitis strangles, mitral valve
Date:October, 28, 1941

Registry number:1040
Diagnosis:heart of Shammore, weight 5,300 g, hypertrophy
Material:Pr. 37, horse, 30 years old
Date:July, 15, 1953, Sadao Miura

Registry number:1041
Diagnosis:traumatic pericarditis, heart
Material:Pr. 114, cattle, Jersey, female, Ohfuke-mura
Date:January, 28, 1956, Sadao Miura

Registry number:1042
Material:dog, heart
Date:Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1043
Date:Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1044
Diagnosis:equine infectious anemia, heart
Date:Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1045
Diagnosis:equine infectious anemia, heart, spleen (splenomegaly)
Material:Pr. 936, horse, female, 7 years old
Date:July, 26, 1934, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1046
Diagnosis:heart lymphangiectasia
Material:Pr. 934, horse, chestnut color, female
Date:July, 13, 1934, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1047
Diagnosis:callosity of cardiac muscle

Registry number:1048
Diagnosis:Endocarditis (bleeding, cell infiltration)
Material:Pr. 972, horse, chestnut color, female, 3 days old Sepsis from umbilical cord
Date:May, 23, 1935, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1049
Diagnosis:adhesion epicarditis
Material:Pr. 985, cattle, heart
Date:August, 27, 1935, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1050
Diagnosis:traumatic pericarditis (due to needle)
Material:Pr. 995, cattle, female, heart
Date:October, 8, 1935, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1051
Diagnosis:necrosis of septum
Material:Pr. 997, cattle, white and black, female, 5 months old, old, Keizai Farm
Date:October, 26, 1935, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1052
Diagnosis:hemorrhage at endocardium , horse, bowel torsion, heart
Material:Pr. 998, horse, black, female, 16 years old
Date:October, 30, 1935, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1053
Diagnosis:chronic endocarditis
Material:Pr. 829, horse, bay , male, 24 years old, Koiwai Farm
Date:December, 26, 1931, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1054
Diagnosis:callosity of cardiac muscle
Material:Pr. 850, horse
Date:May, 18, 1932, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1055
Diagnosis:chronic endocarditis, hemorrhage at endocardium
Material:Pr. 854, pony, dark bay , female, 20 years old, Australian pony, Koiwai Farm
Date:June, 21, 1932, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1056
Diagnosis:mitral endocarditis

Registry number:1057
Diagnosis:mitral endocarditis

Registry number:1058
Diagnosis:callosity of cardiac muscle
Material:Pr. 910, horse, black, female
Date:March, 3, 1934, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1059
Diagnosis:petechiae at epicardium
Material:Pr. 914, horse, bay , gelding, 12 years old, Keizai Farm, equine infectious anemia
Date:April, 13, 1934, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1060
Diagnosis:fibrous pericardium
Material:Pr. 754, pig
Date:November, 8, 1930, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1061
Diagnosis:hemorrhage at heart wall
Material:Pr. 804, horse
Date:May, 15, 1931, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1062
Diagnosis:callosity of cardiac muscle
Material:Pr. 806, horse, gelding, 7 years old
Date:September, 5, 1931, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1063
Diagnosis:callosity of cardiac muscle
Material:Pr. 806, horse, gelding, 7 years old
Date:September, 5, 1931, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1064
Diagnosis:hemorrhage at pericardium
Material:Pr. 810, peracute equine infectious anemia, Troop 23
Date:September, 18, 1931, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1065
Diagnosis:hemorrhage at endo/epicardium and degeneration of myocardium
Material:Pr. 810, horse, acute equine infectious anemia, Troop 24
Date:September, 18, 1931, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1066
Material:horse, bay , 2 years old
Date:October, 3, 1931, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1067
Diagnosis:purpura at endocardium
Material:Pr. 669, horse, 2 days old
Date:May, 21, 1929, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1068
Diagnosis:suppurative myocarditis, metastatic abscess
Material:Pr. 671, horse, infection from wound of neck
Date:June, 15, 1929, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1069
Diagnosis:serofibrinous pericarditis
Material:horse, female, 7 years old
Date:October, 7, 1929, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1070
Diagnosis:purpura at and epicardium endocarditis (slightly)
Material:Pr. 717, horse, gelding, 8 years old, equine infectious anemia
Date:June, 2, 1930, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1071
Diagnosis:Dirofilaria immitis, filariasis
Material:Pr. 723, Tosa-dog, 18 months old, heart
Date:July, 10, 1930, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1072
Diagnosis:infarct of heart, tiger heart
Material:Pr. 742, horse, equine infectious anemia, Troop 25
Date:September, 13, 1930, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1073
Diagnosis:semilunar valve and mitral endocarditis
Material:Pr. 740, horse, Iwate Stallion Center, Rupeld 5-gou
Date:September, 8, 1930, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1074
Diagnosis:sarcoma, heart
Date: July, 5

Registry number:1075
Diagnosis:filariasis heart

Registry number:1076
Diagnosis:serofibrinous pericarditis
Material:Pr. 34, cattle

Registry number:1077
Diagnosis:serofibrinous pericarditis
Material:Pr. 750, horse, female, 2 years old
Date:October, 24, 1930, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1078
Diagnosis:Petechia endocardii, petechia in endocardium
Material:Pr. 476, 28 years old, Lydo-gou
Date:August, 16, 1923, Iwakichi Kani

Registry number:1079
Diagnosis:acute endocarditis (mitral valve)
Material:Pr. 849, horse, 3 months old, bridge, Infection from navel
Date:May, 15, 1932, Iwakichi Kani

Registry number:1080
Diagnosis:traumatic pericarditis (heart diaphragm)
Date:Meiji, Iwakichi Kani

Registry number:1081
Diagnosis:tuberculosis pericardii, tuberculosis
Date:Iwakichi Kani

Registry number:1082
Diagnosis:serofibrinous pericarditis
Date:Iwakichi Kani

Registry number:1083
Material:lion, weight 580g
Date:May, 10, 1912

Registry number:1084
Diagnosis:Endocarditis vulnrularis verrucosa (valva tricuspidalis)
Material:horse, Troop 23
Date:July, 4, 1922, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1085
Diagnosis:cardiac abscess
Material:Pr. 94, horse, Ukyo-gou
Date:March, 25, 1913, Iwakichi Kani

Registry number:1086
Diagnosis:fibrous pericardium

Registry number:1087
Diagnosis:tuberculosis pericardii
Date:February, 1951, Iwakichi Kani

Registry number:1088
Diagnosis:Filaria immitis
Material:dog, heart
Date:Iwakichi Kani

Registry number:1089
Diagnosis:acute endocarditis
Material:Pr. 179, horse, bridge, Infection from navel
Date:Iwakichi Kani

Registry number:1090
Diagnosis:Epicardium tuberculosis, mushroom like
Date:February, 27, 1911, Iwakichi Kani

Registry number:1091
Diagnosis:lymph adenosis
Date:March, 19, 1932, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1092
Date:Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1093
Diagnosis:Hodgkin's disease mundibular and inguinal lymph nodes
Date:November, 1934, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1094
Diagnosis:mesenteric lymph nodes tuberculosis
Date:May, 16, 1933, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1095
Diagnosis:vena caval thrombus
Material:Pr. 11, horse, right atrium
Date:August, 19, 1911, Iwakichi Kani

Registry number:1096
Diagnosis:suppurative venous thrombosis, metastasis from abscess in upper jaw
Material:Pr. 54, horse
Date:July, 26, 1912, Iwakichi Kani

Registry number:1097
Diagnosis:venous thrombus
Material:horse, liver, Asthenia thrombus
Date:November, 3, 1912, Iwakichi Kani

Registry number:1098
Diagnosis:stratified thrombus, Ovary
Date:May, 24, 1912, Iwakichi Kani

Registry number:1099
Diagnosis:venous thrombus, Carotid vein
Date:November, 19, 1871

Registry number:1100
Diagnosis:parasitic aneurysm, right colic artery
Date:November, 8, 1910, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1101
Diagnosis:small round cell sarcoma
Material:horse, between aorta and pulmonary trunk
Date:December, 15, 1910, Iwakichi Kani

Registry number:1102
Diagnosis:parasitic endotheliitis of artery
Material:horse, larva of Strongylus vulgaris
Date:December, 1, 1910

Registry number:1103
Diagnosis:parasitic aneurysm with calcareous degeneration
Material:horse, caudal mesenteric artery

Registry number:1104
Diagnosis:venous thrombus, Strangles, thigh vein
Date:October, 27, 1908

Registry number:1105
Diagnosis:parasitic aneurysm, right colic artery
Date:November, 8, 1910, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1106
Diagnosis:Navel phlebitis, suppurative thrombus
Material:Pr. 111, horse
Date:June, 24, 1913, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1107
Diagnosis:thrombus in internal iliac artery
Material:Pr. 243, horse
Date:June, 22, Iwakichi Kani

Registry number:1108
Diagnosis:stratified phlebo thrombosis
Material:cattle, caudal vena cava
Date:February, 1916, Iwakichi Kani

Registry number:1109
Diagnosis:extended aorta
Material:Pr. 358, horse, caudal mesenteric artery due to Strongylus vulgaris
Date:September, 9, 1919, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1110
Diagnosis:pulmonary veins thrombus
Material:Pr. 434, horse, equine infectious anemia, lung
Date:August, 10, 1922, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1111
Diagnosis:endotheliitis of aorta, parasitic, localized chronic
Date:March, 1922

Registry number:1112
Diagnosis:arterial thrombus, caudal mesenteric artery
Material:Pr. 579, horse
Date:November, 17, 1925, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1113
Diagnosis:parasitic aneurysm , arterial thrombus (caudal mesenteric artery)
Material:Pr. 557, horse
Date:May, 20, 1925, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1114
Diagnosis:small round cell sarcoma
Material:horse, aorta
Date:Slaughter House, Taisho, Iwakichi Kani

Registry number:1115
Diagnosis:suppurative navel arteritis
Material:cattle, calf

Registry number:1116
Diagnosis:parasitic aneurysm, And iliac arterial thrombus
Date:1927, Kaname Konishi

Registry number:1117
Diagnosis:parasitic aneurysm
Material:Pr. 662, horse
Date:April, 6, 1929, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1118
Diagnosis:parasitic aneurysm
Material:Pr. 693, horse, male, 2 years old
Date:September, 5, 1929, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1119
Diagnosis:thrombus caudal vena cava
Material:Pr. 650, cattle
Date:July, 2, 1929, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1120
Diagnosis:parasitic aneurysm
Material:Pr. 699, horse, caudal mesenteric artery
Date:November, 1, 1929, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1121
Diagnosis:parasitic calcified fibrous arteritis
Material:Pr. 725, equine infectious anemia
Date:July, 15, 1930, Yoshizawa

Registry number:1122
Diagnosis:parasitic arteritis of aorta
Material:Pr. 742, Troop 23, equine infectious anemia
Date:September, 13, 1930, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1123
Diagnosis:parasitic aneurysm
Material:Pr. 748, horse, bay , male, 3 years old
Date:October, 4, 1930, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1124
Diagnosis:parasitic aneurysm
Material:Pr. 736, horse, female
Date:August, 12, 1930, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1125
Diagnosis:initial lesion of parasitic aneurysm, and upheaval lines
Material:Pr. 739, horse, male, 3 months old
Date:August, 18, 1930, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1126
Diagnosis:parasitic aneurysm
Material:Pr. 793, horse, male, 3 years old, Stallion Center
Date:May, 28, 1931, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1127
Diagnosis:parasitic calcified fibrous arteritis
Material:Pr. 806, horse, due to larva of Strongylus vulgaris
Date:September, 5, 1931, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1128
Diagnosis:parasitic localized endotheliitis of aorta
Material:Pr. 787, horse, bay, male, 2 years old, Yanagawa-mura
Date:September, 1, 1931, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1129
Diagnosis:parasitic aneurysm
Material:Pr. 769, horse, bay , female, 14 years old, eight colic, mesenteric ileal, caudal mesenteric, and left colic arteries
Date:January, 16, 1931, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1130
Diagnosis:portal vein thrombus
Material:Pr. 802, horse, female, 7 years old, equine infectious anemia
Date:August, 10, 1931, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1131
Diagnosis:aorta sclerosis (slightly)
Material:Pr. 829, horse, Koiwai-gou, male, 24 years old
Date:December, 26, 1931, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1132
Diagnosis:parasitic aneurysm
Material:Pr. 861, horse, chestnut color, female, 1 year old
Date:September, 2, 1932, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1133
Diagnosis:thrombus of iliac artery and vein
Material:Pr. 850, horse, dark bay , gelding
Date:May, 18, 1932, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1134
Diagnosis:parasitic aneurysm
Material:Pr. 889, horse, bay , male, 1 year old
Date:August, 1, 1933, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1135
Diagnosis:parasitic endotheriitis of artery
Material:Pr. 920, horse, bay , male, 2 years old
Date:May, 7, 1934, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1136
Diagnosis:aortic valve and calcification of arterial wall
Material:Pr. 286, horse
Date:Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1137
Diagnosis:upheaval lines on endothel of aorta due to Strongylus vulgaris
Date:Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1138
Diagnosis:Aneurysma verminosa, aneurysm
Material:horse, mesenteric ileal artery
Date:Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1139
Material:dog (old dog), aorta
Date:Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1140
Diagnosis:Aneurysma verminosa
Date:Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1141
Diagnosis:Aneurysma verminosa
Date:Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1142
Diagnosis:Aneurysma verminosa
Material:Pr. 993, horse, male, bay , 2 years old, mesentery artery
Date:September, 1935, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1143
Diagnosis:iliac arterial thrombus
Material:horse, Keizai Farm
Date:October, 1935, Takahashi

Registry number:1144
Diagnosis:Aneurysma verminosa, mesentery artery
Material:Pr. 993, horse, bay , male, 2 years old
Date:September, 1935, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1145
Diagnosis:Aneurysma verminosa, right side renal artery
Material:Pr. 987, horse, bay , male, 2 years old
Date:September, 8, 1935, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1146
Diagnosis:Aneurysma verminosa
Material:Pr. 1025, horse, bay , male, 4 months old
Date:September, 22, 1936, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1147
Diagnosis:axillary arterial rupture
Material:Pr. 1046, gelding, black, 10 years old
Date:April, 9, 1937, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1148
Diagnosis:Aneurysma verminosa, mesentery artery
Material:horse, gray, Kogane Farm
Date:October, 7, 1939, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1149
Diagnosis:upheave lines of aorta
Material:Pr. 1034, horse, bay , female, 4 years old
Date:December, 11, 1936, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1150
Diagnosis:iliac arterial thrombus
Material:Pr. 1197, horse, Anglo Arab, bay , female, 8 years old, Hokkaido
Date:February, 24, 1942, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1151
Diagnosis:Aneurysma verminosa, mesentery artery
Material:colt, Kogane Farm
Date:October, 7, 1939, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:1152
Diagnosis:arterial thrombus mesenteric ileal and caudal mesenteric arteries

Registry number:1153
Diagnosis:iliac arterial thrombus

Registry number:1154
Diagnosis:iliac arterial thrombus

Registry number:1155
Diagnosis:endotheliitis and upheaval lines of mesentery artery

Registry number:1156
Diagnosis:endotheliitis of aorta
Material:horse, 1 year old

Registry number:1157
Diagnosis:arterial thrombus

Registry number:1158
Diagnosis:iliac arterial thrombus

Registry number:1159
Diagnosis:Aneurysma verminosa, Lateral cecal, medial cecal, And mesenteric ileal arteries

Registry number:1160
Diagnosis:thrombus of pulmonary artery
Date:Slaughter House

Registry number:1161
Diagnosis:arteriosclerosis and aneurysm
Date:October, 5, 1961

Registry number:1162
Diagnosis:Dirofilaria immitis, caudal vena cava pulmonary trunk
Material:Pr. 267, dog, mixed, female, 4 years old, Iwate Prefecture, heart, caudal vena cava, pulmonary trunk, hepatic necrosis, and disturbance of systemic circulation
Date:Morioka, June, 19, 1960, Sadao Miura ,

Registry number:1163
Diagnosis:Streifig-netzigen verdichtungslinien, string-like upheaval in aorta
Material:K.1033, horse, male, 1 year old, bay , aorta, Iwate Prefecture, catarrh of small intestine
Date:Morioka, December, 10, 1936, Kenjiro Kikuchi

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Kosuke Okada
Department of Veterinary Pathology, Faculty of Agriculture, Iwate University., Morioka, 020-8550, Japan