Nervous system (brain, peripheral nerves) list

Registry number:5001
Diagnosis:elephant brain
Material:Pr. 590, Indian elephant, female, 20 years old, congestion of lung, strongylosis
Date:Iwate University, November, 21, 1966

Registry number:5002
Material:pig, 7 months old, gelding, Tonan-mura
Date:Morioka Slaughter House, January, 24, 1967, Ito

Registry number:5003
Diagnosis:bovine leukemia, lumbar spinal cord, bovine leukosis
Material:Pr. 1052, cattle, Japanese Shorthorn, female, 4 years old, perispinal space, Iwate Prefecture, Jyohouji-chyo
Date:Morioka, February, 28, 1975

Registry number:5004
Diagnosis:atrophy of eye bowl
Material:Pr. 194, horse, due to injury
Date:June, 29, 1915, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5005
Diagnosis:sclerotic myelitis
Date:November, 18, 1928, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5006
Material:E.2502, cattle, Japanese Black , female, 7 years old, Miyagi Prefecture
Date:May, 15, 1982, Kiyoshi Sato

Registry number:5007
Diagnosis:Marek's disease
Material:chicken, Shaver, female, 252 days old, C I Farm
Date:February, 20, 1990

Registry number:5008
Diagnosis:hydrocephalus with atrophy of brain
Material:cattle, female, 1 year old
Date:May, 10, 1917, Iwakichi Kani

Registry number:5009
Diagnosis:adenocarcinoma in brain
Date:July, 22, 1910, Iwakichi Kani

Registry number:5010
Diagnosis:groove in cerebral
Material:Pr. 409, horse
Date:December, 5, 1912, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5011
Diagnosis:cerebral hemorrhage
Material:Pr. 115, horse, Syukugi-gou
Date:July, 2, 1913, Iwakichi Kani

Registry number:5012
Material:Pr. 197, horse
Date:July, 26, 1915, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5013
Diagnosis:cerebral hemorrhage
Material:Pr. 292, horse,
Date:August, 17, 1917, Iwakichi Kani

Registry number:5014
Diagnosis:cerebral hemorrhage,
Material:Pr. 426, horse, Troop 23, brain
Date:June, 24, 1922, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5015
Diagnosis:myelitis, brain of horse
Material:Pr. 753, horse, Troop 23
Date:November, 1, 1930

Registry number:5016
Diagnosis:encephalitis o horse
Material:Pr. 806, horse, brain
Date:September, 5, 1931

Registry number:5017
Diagnosis:cerebral hemorrhage (epidemic encephalitis of horse)
Material:Pr. 992, horse, brain
Date:September, 20, 1935, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5018
Diagnosis:external trauma of brain (trepanation)
Material:Pr. 1038, horse, Troop 20, Khosui-gou
Date:December, 17, 1936, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5019
Diagnosis:suppurative meningitis
Material:Pr. 1093, horse, female, 5 years old
Date:June, 8, 1938, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5020
Diagnosis:cerebral hemorrhage, epidemic encephalitis
Material:Pr. 1097, horse
Date:September, 3, 1938, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5021
Material:Pr. 1137, horse, Military Academy
Date:September, 12, 1939, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5022
Diagnosis:suppurative encephalitis, suppurative meningitis

Registry number:5023
Diagnosis:normal brain
Date:Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5024
Material:horse, brain

Registry number:5025
Diagnosis:actinomycosis (brain)
Material:pig, 30 days old, circus movement
Date:Taisho, Iwakichi Kani

Registry number:5026
Diagnosis:encephalitis of rabbit
Date:March, 20, 1937 , Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5027
Diagnosis:brain of horse with biting habit
Material:horse, Iwate Breeding Farm
Date:March, 20, 1929, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5028
Diagnosis:Coenurus cerebralis, coenurosis cerebralis
Material:sheep, brain, larva of Teania multiceps
Date:Argentine Slaughter House, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5029
Diagnosis:endothelioma in choroid plexus
Material:Pr. 720, horse, male, 10 years old
Date:January, 16, 1929, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5030
Diagnosis:spinal fracture, hemorrhage of dura mater of spinal card and spinal contusion
Material:Pr. 351, horse, female, 3 years old, 13th, 14th spinal cord
Date:June, 2, 1919, Iwakichi Kani

Registry number:5031
Material:Pr. 197, horse (stallion) , male, 7 years old
Date:July, 26, 1929, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5032
Diagnosis:myelitis brain of horse
Material:Pr. 753, horse, Troop 23
Date:November, 1, 1930, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5033
Diagnosis:fracture of spine, epidural hemorrhage and crushing of spinal cord
Material:Pr. 827, horse, bay , female, 15 years old
Date:December, 16, 1931, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5034
Diagnosis:botryomycosis of cervical vertebrae, third cervical vertebrae
Material:Pr. 921, bay , male, 3 years old, Stallion Center
Date:May, 8, 1934, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5035
Diagnosis:Yanagawa disease
Material:Pr. 898, hemorrhage of brachial plexus
Date:December, 1, 1933, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5036
Diagnosis:ischidiac nerve and brachial plexus
Material:Pr. 945, horse, dark bay, Shinogi-gou, female, 9 years old, torsion of colon
Date:October, 26, 1934, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5037
Diagnosis:Yanagawa disease
Material:horse, female, left ischidiac nerve
Date:December, 7, 1933

Registry number:5038
Diagnosis:Yanagawa disease
Material:horse, chestnut color, female, 6 years old, Yanagawa disease, right ischidiac nerve
Date:December, 7, 1933

Registry number:5039
Diagnosis:Yanagawa disease
Material:Pr. 902, horse, chestnut color, female, 6 years old, hemorrhage of brachial plexus
Date:December, 7, 1933, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5040
Diagnosis:Yanagawa disease, left ischidiac nerve
Material:Pr. 903, horse
Date:December, 11, 1933

Registry number:5041
Diagnosis:Yanagawa disease
Material:Pr. 903, horse, bay , female, 9 years old, hemorrhage of brachial plexus
Date:December, 11, 1933, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5042
Diagnosis:Yanagawa disease
Material:Pr. 903, horse, female, caudal nerve
Date:December, 11, 1933

Registry number:5043
Diagnosis:Yanagawa disease, brachial plexus, cervical nerve
Material:Pr. 908, horse
Date:December, 23, 1933, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5044
Diagnosis:Yanagawa disease
Material:Pr. 906, horse, fifth cervical nerve and third lumbar nerve
Date:December, 23, 1933

Registry number:5045
Diagnosis:Yanagawa disease, ischidiac nerve, brachial plexus
Material:Pr. 907, horse, chestnut color, female, 13 years old, Yanagawa-mura, Yonejiro Ohkura
Date:January, 16, 1934, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5046
Diagnosis:Yanagawa disease
Material:Pr. 986, horse, experimental material, brain, spinal cord
Date:September, 6, 1935

Registry number:5047
Diagnosis:Yanagawa disease
Material:Pr. 1110, horse, brain, spinal cord, lung, heart, liver, spleen, kidney
Date:November, 1, 1938

Registry number:5048
Diagnosis:bracken poisoning (Yanagawa disease experimental case)
Material:Pr. 49, horse, bay , Kobayashi-gou, female, 16 years old, ischidiac nerve (left) and brachial plexus (right)
Date:January, 16, 1954, Sadao Miura

Registry number:5049
Diagnosis:bracken poisoning
Material:Pr. 662, cattle, Holstein, female, 14 months old, Iwate Prefecture, Koromogawa-mura, subserous hemorrhage of rumen
Date:September, 20, 1968

Registry number:5050
Diagnosis:bracken poisoning, bone marrow of breast bone (2 cases)
Material:Pr. 667 and 668, cattle, Holstein, female, Iwate Prefecture Sawauchi-mura Kaizawa
Date:October, 7, 1968

Registry number:5051
Diagnosis:Yanagawa disease
Material:horse, brain, nerve

Registry number:5052
Diagnosis:Yanagawa disease

Registry number:5053
Diagnosis:blind eye (right), atrophy of optic nerve
Material:Pr. 322
Date:April, 28, 1920, Iwakichi Kani

Registry number:5054
Diagnosis:intraorbital small round cell sarcoma
Material:cattle, Slaughter House
Date:October, 1921, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5055
Diagnosis:moon blindness, eye
Material:horse, presented from Genta Takahashi
Date:Taisho, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5056
Diagnosis:small round cell sarcoma and atrophy of eye
Date:Taisho, Morioka Slaughter House , Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5057
Diagnosis:malacia and degeneration of thalamus (circling to the right)
Material:Pr. 744, horse, bay, 6 years old, brain
Date:September, 20, 1930, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5058
Diagnosis:cancer eye
Material:Pr. 516, cattle, Holstein, female, Imperial College of Agriculture and Farestry, left eye
Date:July, 15, 1932, Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5059
Diagnosis:intraorbital sarcoma (pandemic sarcomatosis)
Material:Pr. 61, cattle
Date:June, 22, 1954, Sadao Miura

Registry number:5060
Diagnosis:induration of optical nerve and opacity of cornea
Material:horse, black, Slaughter House
Date:Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5061
Diagnosis:corneal dermoid
Material:cattle, female, 4 months old, eye
Date:Jiro Kawarada

Registry number:5062
Diagnosis:bovine leukemia (retikulosarcomatosis), bovine leukosis, intraorbital
Material:Pr. 61, cattle, Ayrshire, female, Kokubu Farm
Date:June, 22, 1954, Sadao Miura

Registry number:5063
Diagnosis:ocular reticulum cell sarcoma
Material:Pr. 781, cattle, Holstein, female, Ashiro-chyo
Date:January, 9, 1971

Registry number:5064
Diagnosis:ocular reticulum cell sarcoma
Material:Pr. 781, cattle, Holstein, female, white and black, Ashiro-chyo
Date:January, 9, 1971

Registry number:5065
Diagnosis:cancer eye
Material:cattle, Holstein, female, left eye, Imperial College of Agriculture and Forestry
Date:July, 15, 1932

Registry number:5066
Diagnosis:Setariasis des Ruckenmark, setariasis of spinal cord
Material:horse, spinal cord
Date:Kenjiro Kikuchi

Registry number:5067
Diagnosis:Setariasis der Augenkammer, eye worm
Material:E.881, sheep, female, 2 years old, Iwate Prefecture, Takizawa-mura, Ohgama
Date:Morioka Slaughter House, October, 8, 1962, Masanori Takahashi

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