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Registry number:9960
Site of Finding:common
Date:November, 2, 1927

Registry number:9961
Diagnosis:lion, furfailure
Site of Finding:Pr. 1950, lion, female, 7 years old, Ueno Zoo, Morioka Pet Shop Sekimori, hear
Date:Iwate University, September, 17, 1987, Shigeru Numakunai

Registry number:9962
Diagnosis:fur seal, liver
Site of Finding:
Date:August, 1953, Sadao Miura

Registry number:9963
Diagnosis:Mustela malampus, TEMM
Site of Finding:1 week of age
Date:May, 1, 1928

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Kosuke Okada

Department of Veterinary Pathology, Faculty of Agriculture, Iwate University., Morioka, 020-8550, Japan