Skeleton of Anjou

This horse is a 25-year-old Anglo-Norman with bay with 3 white areas in the left anterior and posterior area that was born in April, 1894 in Kany, Ken, Calvados, France, imported in October, 1907, and bred in Ohu stallion farm. Horse management officers: Sosuke Niiyama, Toyonosuke Ohhashi. Purchase price: 7200 yen.
Body height: 162.408 cm, 4 years old, October, 1907.
Body height: 157.863 cm, 25 years old, August, 1928.
Between 1908 and 1927, the number of mated mares was 969.
He was bred in Iwate stallion farm between 1922 and 1928 and taken into custody of Imperial College of Agriculture and Forestry, Morioka on June 18, 1928. Chest circumference: 186.345 cm; cannon circumference, 206.04; body weight, 581.24 kg. (resister No. 10003)

Masanobu Goryo
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